Tuesday, November 6, 2012


The last few days, in an effort to get away from anything political, I've become lost in the world of online jigsaw puzzles. I've hooked up to three sites, and the best one is jigidi.com.  My preference is for eyebending   artwork, like the ones posted here.

Big Bore has jumped into the act and helps out periodically. And then after school today Trouble #1 came over, saw what I was doing, and he got hooked, as well.  There are kid-level puzzles on jigidi, so he was in his element and worked three puzzles before it started getting dark and he had to head home.

I don't know how long this latest past time will last--probably the rest of the week, for sure, but now that colder weather is here and gardening is done, I might be dancing the jig until spring.  


Kayle said...

Oh,you didn't just get me started, did you????

Nancy Evans said...

I hope so, Kayle! You can also download one of your own pictures and have it made into a jigsaw. Cool.

Unknown said...

Enjoyed reading some of your blogs which I found by image googling your Jigidi owl photo. I posted a comment on your pink iris puzzle. I am trying to only do the puzzles where people have either taken the photo themselves or give credit to the photographer although I will admit I love the photos that robryan posts and they are not his photos and he/she does not give credit. Please keep putting up your great photos they are fun to do.