Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Recently Sweet Neighbor Girl showed up at the front door with a note she handed over to me.  It read:

You're the best neighbor ever!!  And I've had a lot of neighbors!!!  You are the only reason why I like to play outside because you always have something fun to do!!

"So, Nancy, whatcha wanna do?" she asked.

Good grief!  How could I ever begin to live up to that note?  It was too cold and windy to "play" outside, and I couldn't invite her in because Big Bore was sick and germy. So, we ended up going out to the garage to sit in the warmth of the car and play the State Game...her idea, actually. I "drove" across the country. She rode shotgun in back. And we memorized all 50 states of the United alphabetical order, of course, because that's the cardinal rule of the State Game. She even turned it all into a song.  "Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas....."

It's going to be a long winter.  

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